I originally wanted to write a review of 2010 here, but by now I definitely missed the deadline for year-end-retrospectives, so I’m going to make this about my plans for 2011.

I’ve spent a large portion of last year on the Scala Refactoring project, and I’m quite happy with the results: four editors/IDEs are using the library to do refactoring, plus others use parts of it to manipulate or generate Scala source code.

It’s clear that I cannot continue investing as much time into it as during my master thesis (except of course, if someone would be willing to sponsor me 😉 ). My plan for this year is to find at least half a day per week to continue writing new refactorings and improving the existing code. One idea I originally had with the refactoring library hasn’t played out yet: getting others to create new refactorings. It’s really not that hard! So give it a try if you have an idea for a refactoring you want to automate.

Besides working on the refactoring library, I also really want to get back to writing for InfoQ. Speaking of InfoQ, I’m looking forward to QCon London in March!

Now, enough with the blogging – there are some bugs in Organize Imports I need to fix 🙂 A happy new year to all of you!